About Outcrest Spa and Salon

We pride ourselves on having the most professional and experienced beauty and spa therapists who listen to your concerns and ensure that you leave satisfied.

Why Choose Us?

Before you make a booking to visit any other beauty and wellness centre in the city, take a look at the benefits we have to offer you.

  1. A Relaxed, All Female Environment – We are not prejudiced in any way but we understand that some women simply can’t relax and fully enjoy their beauty treatments when there are men in the vicinity. If you prefer a women-only environment, we are the obvious choice.
  2. High Quality, Organic Products – As you may already have guessed, we specialize in beauty treatments that utilize organic ingredients. We believe the path to inner and outer beauty lies with natural products and not harsh chemicals, which often have the opposite effect to that which is desired.
  3. Fully Qualified and Experienced Professionals – Every member of our team is a highly trained professional with years of experience so you can relax and unwind completely when you visit our tranquil spa in Toronto, safe in the knowledge that you could not be in better hands.
  4. Regular Promotions – The bargain hunter that lives inside every woman will appreciate the special deals that we offer on a regular basis. Furthermore, although we may reduce our costs, we never lower our standards.
  5. Special Treatments – In addition to the standard beauty treatments you may be offered at any spa in lagos, Nigeria.
  6. Totally Relaxing Massage – After your beauty treatments have been completed, we can provide you with a neck, shoulder, and scalp massage that will send you on your way in a state of complete relaxation.
  7. A Holistic Approach – We consider the effects that various treatments will have on the whole of your body before making any recommendations, ensuring outstanding results every time.
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we believe that caring for our customers and guests and employees is key to becoming a winning business. To care, we must share our expertise, our passion, and our success.


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Other range of spa services


We provide home services or you can walk into our cosy office for our range of services including: body treatments, massages, fixing of weavon, piercing, facial treatments, waxing, manicure, pedicure, steam baths hair styling and more.

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    Richard William, Apple Co.
  • Madam grace

    ” wonderful service recieved. “

    Rosalina Aborn, Orange Ltd.
  • John

    ” had a thrilling experience at outcrest and was unbeatable and exciting. “

    Joshep Walter, Peach