Facial Treatment

Skin Cell Removal Gold Treatment

This treatment purify, re-balance and help eliminate problematic skin. With regular treatment, your skins appearance will dramatically improve.

SCR Gold hydrating facial: 1 hr 15 mins

This hydrating treatment will gently prepare and nourish the skin to revitalise, refresh, moisturise and give a smooth radiance to the skins complexion.

SCR Gold paraffins facials with marine extract: 1 hr 25 mins

An intensive yet gentle deep cleansing and moisturising facials for the entire face, neck and décolleté area. The skin is left beautifully conditioned giving a radiant, smoother and brighter appearance. This treatment is suitable for all skin type.

SCR Gold collagen Rejuvenating facials: 1hr 45 mins

This treatment combats signs of ageing. It also treats the eyes, lips and neck areas helping to diminish lines and and restore skin elasticity giving a firmer and more plum appearance. For long term result, 5 to 12 treatment is recommended along with at home maintenance.

SCR Gold illuminating facials : 1hr 30 mins

This natural skin lightening facials which gives progressively effective results. It gives clarity to dull and sallow skin and helps to eliminate pigmentation problems, dark spot or acne spots, its also for those who want a lighter, brighter skin tone.

MINI FACIALS: 30 – 45 minutes

A facial to concentrate on maintenance or specific problem areas. For those on the go or  as an introduction or follow up treatment.


Enzyme Facials: 1 Hr

This enzyme treatment, builds protein for skin, stimulate cell growth, encourages collagen support for a glowing skin, softer, smoother appearance of fine line and wrinkle.

Enzyme Facials With Algae Mask: 1 Hr 10 mins

Along with the enzyme benefits, the algae mask detoxifies the skin, get rid of impurities that causes dullness for a fresh radiant complexion.

Chemical Peel:

Repair, recover and restore your skin’s health without any aggressive factor. It brightens, lifts, firms the skin with no down time for all skin types

Oxygen Facials:

This treatment creates chemistry with infusing liquid oxygen as a boost for cellular metabolism, creating an oxygen enriched environment, this treatment is; for anti – ageing, acne, sensitive skin, also available as a natural lightener


We use organic grains or aluminium oxides or diamond tips to remove the surface layer of dead skin cells while polishing and retexturing skin, can be used on mature skin, acne skin, pigmented skin caused by sun damage, acne scaring and so much more without any down time.

Led Facials:

This therapy increases blood circulation, lymph circulation, collage stimulation, cellular mitosis, rejuvenates your skin to an optimal healthy state. Red light for healing, blue light for acne, yellow light for reducing inflammation and green for pigmentation or spots.

Ultra Scrubber / Ultra Sonic Facials:

Uses the technology found in ultra sound to loosen dead skin and penetrate or infuse nutrients into the skin.

Men Facials:

Formulated for men’s skin. It involves invigorating cleanse, deep exfoliation, masques for the appropriate skin type, hot aromatic towel, a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage to end the service.